We totally understand what is going on in your SOLID mind. 
Yes Solids are running all over your mind! 
As much as we love our solids, Prints are something we connect to! Especially block prints! 
A simple brief on them - block prints are prints that are created by stamping blocks of different designs on various fabrics.
 Variety of Blocks- small, large, medium, intricate, simple are used in the process of creating beautiful prints on fabrics.
We absolutely love using this technique to convey a story through our blocks, our last being Vativamaippu which is a collection that is inspired from Kolams - a form of creating patterns on the floor traditionally through rice flour. That combined with our Ajrakh technique is what we loved creating.
We try not to overpower our clothing with prints so our client is comfortable and feels confident in it. 
Block prints have and will always be a part of Sikhats journey and we urge all of you bohemiyans to add in some life to your wardrobe through Prints. It could be as small as a polka dots print which we will be putting out soon(Thats our plug, haha!) or as big as a Kalamkari or Aam print. 
To each, their own! 
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